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Socialcrypt's main Features

The true value lies in collaboration and activity, that is why Socialcrypt has developed interactive features to help Business and communities grow.
Design Idea


Project area showcases official pages and verified companies with their latest news & updates.
Design Idea


In Groups people collaborate and share relative news & updates. A safe home for like-minded communities.
Design Idea


Never miss important events with our Calendar. Participate in major events like Conferences or ICOs.



Global Activity Stream

The main stream allows you to interact with the latest news and activity created by other users. Share links, pictures or other important updates with your network. Stay on trend and let your friends know what you think about the latest news.

Activity Stream is the main page of Socialcrypt.NET where you can see the current community mood and gossips.

My Wallet & SCG

In My Wallet area users can manage their tokens, see earnings history, send or deposit SCG and withdraw tokens. *available to verified member only.
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Hi-End Technologies

Socialcrypt.NET is built on a modern and modified Joomla engine with more than 14 years of developing and security hardening on the background.
Strong Security

Strong Security

With state of the art Firewall, DDoS protection, DNSSEC, HTTP2 And database encryption your data is in safe hands
Compliant & Legit

Compliant & Legit

The network is fully GDPR Compliant and operating legally across the world
User Experience is a Breeze

User Experience is a Breeze

Fully optimized and decentralized resources make browsing feel like Sea Breeze. Global CDN Network and lighting fast hardware does the job.

Receive shares by being active

Users bring value to Network - Network brings value to users. By performing simple actions like sharing news or inviting friends you receive SCG tokens - Socialcrypt.NET Assets. It's a win-win strategy that works like a booster for the community and the Network itself. Compared to other Social Networks we try to reward our crowd with our SCG assets.

Road Map


Draft Idea

Q1 2018

An idea to create Cryptocurrency-friendly Social Network was born. Mr. Mark Mikelenis - the founder came up with a project to unite people with the world of Blockchain. To create a place where people could safely research cryptocurrency and reach their favorite blockchain services.

Research & Planning

Q2 2018

Project planning & Research has begun in May 2018. During the early stages our research has shown that trust in cryptocurrencies and ICOs has fallen below the all-time minimum. As a result we've decided to verify our members and projects and created a "Verified Member" profile type (with verified Identity) and a Verified Project Page type to give a trust credit for legit projects.

This way a new direction has been taken towards regaining trust in cryptocurrencies and public blockchain.


Q2 2018

An active development has begun in June 2018 which involved over 40 Developers and a 6 IT companies worldwide. Thanks to the large-scale collaboration we've managed to came up with a ready-to-use service just in a few months.

The strongest sides were: management, security, scalability and communications which summed up in a modern, fast and secure site engine.

Beta Launch

Q3 2018

During the Beta Launch we've made tons of improvements, hardened security and created My Wallet that allowed users to withdraw, deposit or send SCG tokens. 


The Launch

Q4 2018

We officially launched the Platform and started to accept new registrations from across the world. All part of the website became available to use but some sections like HELP and Business are still in active development.


Viral Campaigns & ADs

Q2 2019

Global-scale advertisement campaigns and Airdrops to grow our community and extend Network reputation. The strongest side would be our own Network and the new Affiliate incentive system.


Listing on Exchanges

Q3 2019

SCG Token will get listed by some popular and decentralized exchanges. More information on listings and platforms check in our Forums. SCG Tokens is based on TRON Blockchain - the fastest and most secure Blockchain.


Current Development

SocialCrypt is still in active development and there are many exciting features up to come.
Social Network93%
Project Page workflow & Interface91%
Verification Robots100%
Groups workflow100%
Talk Interface & features (Forum)89%
SCG Tokens Support85%
Business Services56%
Terms & Conditions80%
My Wallet78%
FAQ & Help33%

SocialCrypt Apps

The Social Network
The Main function of is Social Network. The account, registration is free and always will be. When you get an account, you are free to connect with other users, share your ideas with community, discuss current events & news, monitor Blockchain Projects, collaborate with relevant groups and much more...
Project pages & Groups

The Core Team

Mark Lite
Mark LiteFounder & Developer
Ira Mint
Ira MintConsultancy & Promotion

Expand your Business - Collaborate With us

We believe in collaboration. We believe in fair Business. With our vast extend of communities and like-minded crowds you can quickly reach millions of users across the globe with your idea. Don't hesitate to contact us! We love collaborations and barters!

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