BitTube is a fast-growing network designed to empower video creators and live streamers, entertaining far-reaching audie...
BitTube is a fast-growing network designed to empower video creators and live streamers, entertaining far-reaching audiences through a seamless user experience — ad-free and always monetized.

What is BitTube?
BitTube is a decentralized video sharing and live streaming platform. The platform operates peer-to- peer and uses revolutionary blockchain technology, allowing videos to be always monetized while being completely ad-free. Creators and viewers earn a cryptocurrency called TUBE coin, using the Airtime revenue model based on watch time. Many premium products and services will drive a flourishing ecosystem, including subscriptions, memberships, video-on-demand, donations, crowdfunding, self-promotion, marketplaces and much more.

How BitTube was born

In the new mass-internet age, platforms such as YouTube have become dominant in how people consume video content. Over a short period, a small number of centralized platforms have become the norm without consumers having any alternatives for effectively monetizing their creations. Meanwhile, the overreliance on advertising has been stifling creativity and freedom of expression, by way of demonetizing risky or advertiser-unfriendly content and interfering directly with the user experience. Without competition, the majority of creators and their audiences have been stuck inside ecosystems that offer little autonomy and no transparency.
With the emergence of new technologies such as IPFS and blockchain, not requiring billions of dollars in infrastructure to scale, BitTube saw the opportunity to build a competing platform with all the benefits – and none of the drawbacks.

Key features

o Completely ad-free.
o Designed for mass adoption. Low barrier to entry and seamless user experience.
o Video hosting and live streams employ decentralized, peer-to-peer IPFS technology.
o Content is always monetized using the blockchain-based Airtime revenue model.
o Fully integrated payments for a highly efficient ecosystem based in cryptocurrency.
o Premium products and services will drive demand for this cryptocurrency called TUBE coin. o Censorship-free. Users can speak freely without worrying about an advertiser’s sensibilities. o Community-powered curation, moderation and copyright review supported by AI.

Today there are too many ads and no one likes it. BitTube uses a system called Airtime to monetize content, which integrates blockchain technology with video consumption. It is proving a point that ads are not the arbiters of what constitutes value, but people’s attention most definitely is.

Designed for mass adoption
BitTube has a tight focus on low barrier to entry and an easy user experience. For new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, this is the deciding factor in finding mass adoption.

Video hosting and live streaming is decentralized and peer-to-peer.
Every user on the BitTube platform is automatically a node in a peer-to-peer IPFS network, without needing to do anything prior. As users watch videos, data is shared with other users seamlessly based on demand. This gravely reduces the traffic cost of persistent nodes in the network and allows a high degree scaling and ramping with very little additional capital and operational expenses.

Airtime and fully integrated payments
Both creators and viewers on BitTube earn money through the Airtime revenue model measuring time watched. This system employs blockchain technology and pays users in a cryptocurrency called TUBE coin. A fixed percentage (30%) of the block reward is reserved for Airtime payments. As users consume content, payouts are distributed based on their watch time proportional to the platform-wide grand total time watched per block. This means, as more users enter the ecosystem, fewer coins will be paid to each participant.

TUBE coins are traded on open retail cryptocurrency exchanges. As adoption increases, due to its limited supply and increase demand for premium products and services, the dollar value should increase to make up for the dilution in overall payments.

The Airtime model differentiates itself from regular watch time models in key aspects. The block reward share making up the total platform earnings per unit of time is constant (and slowly decreasing). This means all users compete for a reward, which is both scarce in time and has a limited supply. To maximize profitability, this incentivizes round-the-clock activity and ‘attention arbitrage’ by competing publishers.

As mentioned, not only creators earn, but viewers as well. This draws users to the platform and makes every active participant liquid for an active platform economy. Platform payments are instant and fully integrated. Users will have the option to purchase TUBE coins directly on the platform, without needing to sign up to third party exchanges. With the BitTube Mastercard debit card, users can pay directly with their BitTube wallet balance at any POS system or cash out at a local ATM.

Premium products and services to drive demand.
Countless products, services and features will create demand for TUBE coins. These include Premium subscriptions and memberships, Video-on-Demand, Content Protection (DRM), tipping and donations, crowdfunding, self-promotion, marketplaces, staking incentives, and much more.
Community-powered curation, moderation and copyright review
BitTube works directly with copyright agencies to moderate content. People are currently trying to get away from the censorship-prone nature of the established centralized platforms. To give power ‘back to the people’ and avoid the same centralization pitfalls, a self-regulating community review system will aid in copyright cases such as fair use, supported by AI, while staying lawful and efficient.

Competitive advantages and growth potential
BitTube has an untapped competitive advantage over established video platforms due to its incredible technological edge. Since scaling is not bottlenecked by central servers or traffic congestion, a far lower investment in infrastructure (such as persistent storage and ingest nodes) is required to scale the platform to a worldwide audience. The velocity with which BitTube can reach every corner of the world will be unprecedented, because the infrastructure – people on the internet – already exists.
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