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    Crypto OG: The period that raises the BTC above $ 250,000 has begun.

    The third act is coming
    Despite Friday's surge, the bitcoin's sluggish price crawl continued. However, in a recent podcast, Crypto ‘OG’ argues that ultimately the flagship digital asset will start working on new highs.

    Speaking of “Next Billion Seconds” by Mark Pess just a few weeks ago, Mark Jeffrey, a pioneer in cryptoindustry who wrote “A Simple Bitcoin Explanation” in 2013, expressed optimism about this emerging space in the midst of the so-called “nuclear winter.”

    Jeffrey noted that cryptocurrencies are very similar to the early stage of dotcom development. Nevertheless, he said that this promising space is compressed in time compared to the dot-coms, explaining that development in this space is four to five times faster. Therefore, the rally and the fall only strengthened and amplified.

    In addition, he noted that this is not the end of the story for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the current market conditions are just a by-product of market cycles. He even compared the “third act” of this story with the “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” part of the famous epic.

    Geoffrey explained:

    The third act is coming. And if this is something like a dotcom boom and recession, when we saw a slight increase, then a dead period, and then a new increase in the cost of Amazon, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., I think we will see the same thing on the market cryptocurrency.

    $ 250,000 for BTC
    With all this in mind, he doubled his forecast for the price of the main cryptocurrency. Bitcoin may eventually go out of its five-digit cell to stop at $ 250,000, he said. Jeffrey did not dare to give a clear timeline, but, given his above-mentioned comments about the compression of time in the cryptosphere, this figure can be reached in a few years.

    Jeffrey is not the only analyst who speaks about this range. Speaking to CoinTelegraph, Tim Draper, a legendary venture capitalist based in the heart of Silicon Valley, explained that he believes that $ 250,000 per BTC is possible.

    Draper, who is the parent of a crypt-friendly venture capitalist, explained that the recent bitcoin move below may simply be a by-product of market cycles, potentially exacerbated by external bearish pressure. Draper also noted that in any business the destroyer often has tremendous volatility, even if innovation is of great value to society.

    Despite this, the committed cryptocurrency optimist noted that over time, US dollars and other fiat currencies will quickly depreciate, creating an environment in which BTC can reach heights. Repeating Travis Kling's comments, Draper explained that cryptocurrencies are not tied to the central bank, which, in turn, includes the vagaries of inflation and the flaws of human nature.

    However, some were even more optimistic. By using a compilation of the historical growth cycles of the Internet, the bitcoin adoption curve among other fundamental factors and in-depth analysis points, Filb Filb noted that $ 333,000 for each BTC may make sense in the end.
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