• The SEC does not give up hope of a “complete control” of the cryptoindustry.

    The plan is simple: the SEC does not have, and cannot for technical reasons, access to full information on the cryptocurrency activities of companies. No, it has information, but only those provided by the requirements of the current law and the technical capabilities of the SEC. But, you see, this is not enough. The commission has set a goal to get at all costs to the “big data” of the main blockchain startups, which are so desirable for it, but alas, inaccessible.

    The regulator made a move “horse” and threw a cry that he needed the services of companies able to provide data on the volume of financial transactions from the most used blockchain registries, as always arguing that “tracking risks and improving compliance with the law”. A company that responds to such a proposal should provide information in a format that is easy to verify, as well as information about how to extract the necessary data, that is, about the tools that produced it. The goal is to identify transaction details from their total mass.

    Question: Why does this need a regulator? It's simple. The Congress is considering a draft law, the adoption of which will allow the tokens to be removed from the class of “securities”, which indicates a loss of jurisdiction over the digital assets office.
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