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Quach Van Thu

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  1. Quach Van Thu
  2. Bitcoins [BTC,BCH,XBT]
  3. Sunday, 27 January 2019
Chart analysis and models have been widely used to try to predict when the Bitcoin market and electronic money will bottom out. A series of huge technical indicators combined with snapshots from history have been included in the study to tell us when the best time to return is.

Looking back at the Bitcoin chart in the past one or two years, we can see some similarities in the samples. Batch dump 80% in 2018 has been repeated from another batch of dump, and the first batch of dumps accounted for 25% of the size of the 2018 period. This is a classic example of a fractal.

Use this to predict the next price, 25% fractal of the second crash will look like this Picture 2)

Each repetition of the original sample is less than 25% when the loss is reduced and near the bottom. Use this to predict where Bitcoin will arrive within the next 2 months at around $ 2,500.

Analysts agree: Bitcoin will fall further

This hypothesis of fractal fits perfectly with some analysts, who have given similar numbers by different techniques. Well-known technical analyst, Murad Mahmudov, predicted that prices will fall further than USD 2,500 with a final bottom of USD 1,800 at the end of the second quarter of this year.

Earlier this month, he also correctly predicted that Bitcoin would not be able to pass the giant "resistance wall" at $ 4,000 and would fall further. Other analysts have predicted a $ 3,000 bottom for Bitcoin before reversing. Today BTC is struggling to break the resistance at $ 3,600, so these two numbers are not far away.
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