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Verify your account and Withdraw [SCG] Tokens

Today our developers have completed My Wallet area and Account Verification Section! Now verified members can earn and withdraw unlimited amount of SCG! Also there are other features available for verified members, to know more about them click here To verify your account, go to "Request Verification" in the top right menu. (On mobiles go to Profile settings > More Options > Request Verification)...
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BTC dump - why?

Hi everyone. So what with cryptomarket? Do you believe in BTC future? Why BTC and altcoins dumped so much - because of Bukkt or other things?...
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Wallet for Socialcrypt [SCG] Token

If you use MAC or windows platform then the most convenient way to Receive / Send / Buy or exchange our token would be the "TRON Wallet Desktop". Download it Create or import your wallet Use the wallet address for SCG Token Bare in mind that to send SCG you need some TRX on wallet balance Super simple Or if you prefer you can use basically any TRON address if they meet these conditions: Its not located on Exchange or web-services like Coinbase etc.. You have private key from your address Its a new TRX wallet and not old ERC20 Ethereum based wallet If you have any questions feel free to post......
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How can we add events in the Calendar section?

Hello there I would like to ask how I can add events in the calendar section. I am part of the marketing team promoting the United Conference of internet Money which will be held in Singapore from Nov. 26-27 2018. I would like to know how it can be added. ...
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Can I trade SCG? - YES! + Listing in DEX soon (Q1-Q4 2019)

Now you can trade & exhange tokens in p2p Trading Rooms (example) which are the most popular method for trading TRON tokens at the moment. (Don't forget that TRON Blockchain is just a few months old and there are many projects coming soon !). We are working to get our token listed in a few common platforms ASAP. Here two of then where most likely you can trade/exchange you tokens in the next month or two: Bancor > https://www.bancor.network/tokens TronWatch DEX > https://tron.watch/projects (release planned for Q1-Q4 2019) Listing is already in process. In 2020 SCG Token will get listed by a few more major exchanges! So heads up and earn your tokens here while the price is low and rewards are high!...
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Cool $ 62 DISTRIBUTION! http://bit.ly/2V3zbj3 register, activate your account, in your account you need to go through KYC in your profile (top right), for KYC you need a passport and selfie where you keep a piece of paper, and the inscription NTS and today's date are on it, we send documents, waiting for confirmation, if you write in support of [email protected], then you will approve KYC faster, as you are confirmed, you need to go here https://nauticus.io/home/krypted/, enter your email address on the exchange, confirm that you passed the KYC, the second tick is not set, ready, waiting for the coin ?   The distribution is very cool, we go through KYC and get cool coins that you can immediately sell ? The number of seats is limited, it will end soon ️ ? The NTS coins were opened again on the stock exchange, you can sell, but now the price has fallen, since everyone immediately merged their tokens, I personally put up warrants for sale for 0.000004 BTC for the NTS token, I will not sell cheaper, I recommend that you also put out approximately level sure there will be a coin там   ? Charges for KYC are made every Wednesday, who managed to pass KYC yesterday, received their NTS coins (2200 KED will be credited later), who did not have time, the next charges on NTS will be April 24, so we pass KYC and wait calmly ? It turns out that KYC is also given $ 12 in their NTS coin, which is already traded on their stock exchange, I have already received them, sold them for BTC and brought them to another exchange, everything is fine, the exchange pays, in a few minutes we get total coins at $ 62 ️ HURRY, NUMBER OF PLACES ARE LIMITED, DISTRIBUTION IS VERY MUCH AND PAYING...
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Restriction in some countries?

I would like to ask if there are certain restrictions on some countries for the websites services. I have promoting and spreading awareness about SocialCrypt but it seems that certain countries are restricted. May I know what are these countries and if so when will it be available in those countries. I would also know the reason why these countries are restricted so that I can explain to those whom I invited the reason why they are restricted. This would also help me make an honest review on this platform as I am also promoting this projects to other social media outlets. Thank you in advance for your assistance....

login problem

Hello, the user with [email protected] said, she can't login in socialscrypt. She was blocked? She is a 70 old years hungarian woman, who like blockchain, but can't speak english well. She use google translator to translate information in browsers. Can we help her, if she made mistake? Thanks for your help....

Que pasa en Venezuela...?

*Venezuela vive un momento de suma importancia para toda la humanidad porque hay una lucha entre la democracia y la dictadura donde miles de Venezolanos y extranjeros nacionalizado arriesgan cada día su vida en las calles en busca de la libertad del país, como muchos ya saben este país está lleno de inmensas riquezas y esta en un lugar muy estratégico para la conquista de América ? lo cual es donde se decidirá si hay un segundo Hitler o no....
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Check ID with YOTI

I'm going to lose my tokens from airdrop socialcrypt.net? I participate in Airdrop, but if I do not verify my identity with yoti, I will not be able to withdraw when authorized. How can we solve this problem since the verification can only be done with the application, and in the application the Brazilians do not have another option to verify the document, only with passport, I do not have a passport, I live in Brazil and I will not travel abroad . Making a passport is very expensive. What is the verification alternative for Brazil? driver's license or national identity. How can they help us? In the YOTI application, there are several alternatives for all other countries, only Brazil that can only use the passport. Thank you....
Antonio Neto Verified
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How to Earn more [SCG] tokens!

Socialcrypt's team is happy to share the main assets - SCG Tokens with the community! But only with members who bring live to the Network! So every time you make a post, comment news or simply interact with other users - you gain tokens. Check this link. You can find all the actions on Socialcrypt that are rewarded with SCG tokens! like new forum post, new like ....etc...
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My account was blocked and i cant log in.

Good day admin..Why can not I log in to my socialcrypt account? It says I was blocked and I have not yet activated.,but i've logged in before.Am I violating the policy? ...

Binance Academy as the third most popular service

The education portal of Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance was named one of the three most popular products of the Y Combinator-sponsored Product Hunt exhibition platform, which unveiled its list of sites on February 18. Product Hunt, launched in 2013 to bring promising products and services to mainstream consumers, is currently making the Binance Academy the third largest unit. Other cryptocurrency offerings include Earn.com's Robinhood trading tool and statistics, as well as the passive income generator. The Binance Academy debuted last December to provide cryptocurrency information to consumers about Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto currency sector in general. Executives seemed eager to improve users' technical capabilities due to the numerous hacks of trading platforms. "Education is the key pillar of crypto and blockchain proliferation," said growth director Ted Lin in a press release released at the time. Binance, ranked highest on the CoinMarketCap ranking for its 24-hour trading volume, is preparing to release a Testnet version of a new trading style this week. Binance DEX, a decentralized platform, allows users to maintain control over their private keys and avoid theft of funds kept in very hot portfolios with Binance as a trusted custodian. The security of crypto currency resources remains a major issue in the community, as newcomers may not understand the impact of using hot wallets on safer options such as hardware devices. Last week, the exchange between the United States, Coinbase, caused a split in the community after a tool was released that enabled its Coinbase Wallet merchants to store private keys in the cloud. According to critics, such a practice would make the likelihood that pirate funds are being stolen even more likely....
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Distribution of tokens

Can we keep the tokens you give us as long as we want? Because as long as I'm staying here, I think my tokens are safe and I trust you and my team....
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email with activation link

Hi, Name: Judit Gaborne S. User name: Kismokka E-maii: [email protected] She have indicated that with this data, the email containing the activation link, havn't received in her email inbox. She also looked at the spam folder, but nothing. How can she request a new activation link? Thank you in advance for your help, too. Aniko...
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Türkçe bilenler buraya

Türkçe bilenleri buraya davet ediyorum. Bu ortamla ilgili görüşlerimizi paylaşalım. Geleceği var mı? Tutar mı tutmaz? Ne kadar token toplayabildik?...

the problem with the test

Good afternoon, how can I get tested? if the application does not support Russian passports. could you tell me please! [email protected]

Password-protected. Why?

Why are my posts password-protected? How can I make them public? By the way, 100 character limit is so high, I'm writing this to meet that limit ...

Can't login after password change

Hello, could you help me? I can't log in the third day in a row, site says me, that the "Username/email and password do not match or you do not have an account yet." , dut I don't change a password. When i try to recover pass, i see "404" There is no way that password could change without your consent.. Passwords are well encrypted and stored securely. But you can reset your pass by following link "I forgot my password" . We had some maintenance going on lately so there could be errors before. Now everything works as it should, just tested it my self. p.s. please use relevant topic for your queries... I change my password, but i can't log in, when I entering login, password and 2FA code and press Enter, site says me, that the "oops, page not found'. I tried 3 different browsers....

As a verified member, I cannot add new contacts.

Hello, I cannot add new contacts. I get this error: "Sorry, but you have already exceeded your Network size limit. If you need to add additional contacts, please verify your account to increase the limit.". However, I'm already verified member. Could you fix the issue? Thanks. Regards,...

Community Suggestion For SocialCrypt

In the many cryptocurrency projects I have been involved with I have seen how the active participation of community can immensely help the platform to grow. Hence I would like to start this talk in order to give the community a venue to share their ideas or suggestions. To start with I would like to suggest of a decentalized internal exchange with a SCG-TRX pair....
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Русский раздел

Обсуждаем криптовалюты на русском языке. Успешно работающие проекты, Баунти, Аирдропы, новости, технологии, биржи. Делимся собственным мнением и опытом....
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About BTC for next future!

Chart analysis and models have been widely used to try to predict when the Bitcoin market and electronic money will bottom out. A series of huge technical indicators combined with snapshots from history have been included in the study to tell us when the best time to return is. Looking back at the Bitcoin chart in the past one or two years, we can see some similarities in the samples. Batch dump 80% in 2018 has been repeated from another batch of dump, and the first batch of dumps accounted for 25% of the size of the 2018 period. This is a classic example of a fractal. Use this to predict the next price, 25% fractal of the second crash will look like this Picture 2) Each repetition of the original sample is less than 25% when the loss is reduced and near the bottom. Use this to predict where Bitcoin will arrive within the next 2 months at around $ 2,500. Analysts agree: Bitcoin will fall further This hypothesis of fractal fits perfectly with some analysts, who have given similar numbers by different techniques. Well-known technical analyst, Murad Mahmudov, predicted that prices will fall further than USD 2,500 with a final bottom of USD 1,800 at the end of the second quarter of this year. Earlier this month, he also correctly predicted that Bitcoin would not be able to pass the giant "resistance wall" at $ 4,000 and would fall further. Other analysts have predicted a $ 3,000 bottom for Bitcoin before reversing. Today BTC is struggling to break the resistance at $ 3,600, so these two numbers are not far away....

network extension

Не нашел в других ветках эту тему. У меня вопрос. Какое количество человек максимально может находиться в моей сети, если я проверенный член? Как расширить свою сеть? Создание нового списка контактов поможет это сделать? ENG: What is the network size limit and how to extend it?...
Sergey Verified
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Emails, verifications not delivered!

Today we noticed that Yahoo, AOL and branched email services are not delivering our emails! We are working on this issue but at the moment please use other email providers if possible!...
Ryed Jr. Moderator
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