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Can I trade SCG? - YES! + Listing in DEX soon (Q1-Q4 2019)

Now you can trade & exhange tokens in p2p Trading Rooms (example) which are the most popular method for trading TRON tokens at the moment. (Don't forget that TRON Blockchain is just a few months old and there are many projects coming soon !). We are working to get our token listed in a few common platforms ASAP. Here two of then where most likely you can trade/exchange you tokens in the next month or two: Bancor > https://www.bancor.network/tokens TronWatch DEX > https://tron.watch/projects (release planned for Q1-Q4 2019) Listing is already in process. In 2020 SCG Token will get listed by a few more major exchanges! So heads up and earn your tokens here while the price is low and rewards are high!...
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Binance Academy as the third most popular service

The education portal of Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance was named one of the three most popular products of the Y Combinator-sponsored Product Hunt exhibition platform, which unveiled its list of sites on February 18. Product Hunt, launched in 2013 to bring promising products and services to mainstream consumers, is currently making the Binance Academy the third largest unit. Other cryptocurrency offerings include Earn.com's Robinhood trading tool and statistics, as well as the passive income generator. The Binance Academy debuted last December to provide cryptocurrency information to consumers about Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto currency sector in general. Executives seemed eager to improve users' technical capabilities due to the numerous hacks of trading platforms. "Education is the key pillar of crypto and blockchain proliferation," said growth director Ted Lin in a press release released at the time. Binance, ranked highest on the CoinMarketCap ranking for its 24-hour trading volume, is preparing to release a Testnet version of a new trading style this week. Binance DEX, a decentralized platform, allows users to maintain control over their private keys and avoid theft of funds kept in very hot portfolios with Binance as a trusted custodian. The security of crypto currency resources remains a major issue in the community, as newcomers may not understand the impact of using hot wallets on safer options such as hardware devices. Last week, the exchange between the United States, Coinbase, caused a split in the community after a tool was released that enabled its Coinbase Wallet merchants to store private keys in the cloud. According to critics, such a practice would make the likelihood that pirate funds are being stolen even more likely....
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